Jan 21-28
Swim with Humpback Whales!

Silver Banks, Dominican Republic
Happy New Year! I wanted to start out 2016 with a very exciting announcement. I will be leading my first trip to the Silver Banks of the Dominican Republic to swim with wild Humpback whales. The Silver Banks is one of the best places in the world to swim with wild whales, because the visibility of the water is around 100 ft. or 30 meters. This gives you an excellent opportunity to observe ... Full Listing.
Jan 21-22
Past Life Research w/ Shama Viola

SoCoHA • Sebastopol, CA
Past Life Research: A journey toward the memories, talents, and possibilities contained within you! Recall of past lives will come to the surface during this highly creative and fascinatingly interactive experience. Damanhur uses a series of inner dynamic activities that help guide and reveal clues to a specific past life. Shama Viola will be facilitating the class, which is traced down beforehand ... Full Listing.
Sat, Jan 21
Giants, Fairies & Archaeology

Giants, Fairies & Strange Archaeology featuring Tricia McCannon FOR 1000'S OF YEARS HUMAN BEINGS KNEW WE WERE THE ONLY INTELLIGENT BEINGS IN THE UNIVERSE When we look back in history, the legends of our encounters with giants, fairies, mermaids, leprechauns, ETs, angels, and otherworldly creatures abound. Some of these beings were clearly third dimensional, while others were not. These beings ... Full Listing.
Jan 21-22
Manifesting Your Dream Business

Novato Oaks Inn • Novato, CA
If you are reading this, you are probably someone who got into business so that you could help people transform their lives and make a big impact in this world. And make a really good income doing that. Perhaps make $100,000 or more per year consistently. And yet, you feel frustrated that you are not making enough money. You don’t know exactly how to call in your perfect ideal clients who need ... Full Listing.
Jan 21-28
Becoming The Divine Human Self

Online •
~ Global Online Call ~ In the haze of our current times, earth people are seeing the return of the remarkable phenomenon of “divine birth.” It’s both a metaphor for coming into your own divinity AND a physically based conception practice for women who want to bring higher consciousness beings to the planet. In this call, learn how this inner tantric work can help you create spiritual wholeness ... Full Listing.
Sat, Jan 21
Mind Dynamics in Space and Time

Open Secret Bookstore • San Rafael, CA
Dr. Rauscher and Drs. Hurtaks will present their recently published book entitled Mind Dynamics. This is a complete study on Remote Viewing going back to the 1970s in the San Francisco Bay area with many famous experiments and including international trials that they made together in the past few years. New advances in mind-consciousness development and remote viewing communications are ... Full Listing.
Jan 22-28
Water Goddess: Bali Retreat

Floating Leaf Eco-Luxury Resort • Sukawati, Indonesia
Hello goddesses, priestesses, and witchy women of all walks. * Have you been feeling called to Bali? * Do you feel like the land and energy there has something for you? * Do you feel like you need to get away and be somewhere warm this winter, where you can meditate, bathe in the ocean, be around community, and be an open channel? * Do you love the idea of taking a week to deepen into dance as a ... Full Listing.
Sun, Jan 22
Mariah Parker - Indo Latin Jazz

Freight & Salvage • Berkeley, CA
Join Mariah and her band for a musical feast – the driving rhythmic syncopations of Latin jazz, the uplifting spirit of Eastern music and the soul of flamenco. Featuring Grammy award-winner Paul McCandless (horns and reeds), Matthew Montfort (guitar), Kash Killion (bass, cello), and percussionists Ian Dogole, Brian Rice and Michaelle Goerlitz. This concert celebrates the release of “Indo Latin ... Full Listing.
Tue, Jan 24

The Vitality Zone •
WARNING: Learning how to NATURALLY OVERCOME INSOMNIA AND SLEEP DEPRIVATION may result in unexpected side effects. It can result in: • Sleeping like a baby, all through the night, for the first time in years • Eliminating naps and sluggish days on the couch • Successful decision-making when it matters most • Laser-sharp focus and memory recall • Accomplishing goals in less time with less ... Full Listing.
Wed, Jan 25
Goddesses in Every Woman After 50

FREE Online Teleseminar – Replay Available •
Discover how to make the “third act” of life your most authentic, meaningful and joyous by liberating the new Goddess archetypes stirring within you. Are you ready to tap into and honor the delicious wisdom that comes with maturing? Would you like to discover how to transform resentment, anger and old wounds into powerful energy for pursuing a new life purpose? Would you like to laugh more — at ... Full Listing.
Jan 26-29
Awakening Love Retreat

YMCA Camp Keanae • Keanae, HI
Join Amara in this 4-day conscious movement residential retreat. Designed to reflect the mission of Azul to awaken love, the retreat centers around utilizing the body intelligence to feel and integrate the wounded parts of our being and delivering us to a place of greater love and joy. Awakening Love Retreat with Amara Pagano January 26th-29th, 2017 For more information and registrations: ... Full Listing.
Jan 28-29
Healing Shame - The Core Workshop

Rudramandir Center • Berkeley, CA
HEALING SHAME: A Workshop for Therapists and Other Helping Professionals With Sheila Rubin LMFT, RDT/BCT & Bret Lyon PhD, SEP, BCC Saturday, January 28, 10am-6pm & Sunday, January 29, 10:30am-5:30pm In Berkeley, just off the I-80 $325 full price / $295 with full payment by December 23 Special price for interns 13 CEUs for MFTs and LCSWs (PCE #4456) This workshop provides essential, basic ... Full Listing.
Sat, Jan 28

Community Congregational Church • Tiburon, CA
Join singer/songwriter Karen Drucker and minister/author Rev. Karyl Huntley as they weave English-speaking chants (that anyone can sing) into an evening with inspirational readings, an intention setting ritual, lots of singing and drumming, some silence, a seasonal alter . . . all in the company of women. Bring your sisters for a girls-night-out and bring in the New Year with Connection, ... Full Listing.
Jan 28-29
Stand Strong

Earthrise Retreat Center • Petaluma, CA
A wise counsel circle retreat New cycles, new opportunities, new you! Use the first new moon power cycle of 2017 to gather your strength and anchor your commitment to realizing your goals, dreams and visions through deep imagining. After the solar calendars have marked the new year, slip into kairos dream time and chart your true course. Use the dark of the Aquarian new moon to reach within and ... Full Listing.
Sat, Jan 28
Remaining Empowered

Songbird Community Healing Center • Cotati, CA
Remaining Empowered in a Changing World: Tools for your life and the changing landscape Keynote Talk: Applied Shamanism, Shaman Francis Rico. Apply this useful ancient strategy for dealing with the “trance” – the state that we live in that has allowed war and destructive corporate agendas to rule our planet. Explore shamanic practices, including alignment, resourceful connection and use of the ... Full Listing.
Sat, Jan 28
FEM Talks: Conscious Millionaires

The Key Room • Novato, CA
A Spiritually Oriented Gathering of Women Healers, Coaches, Speakers. Women Elevating their Businesses and Lives in Sisterhood and Supportive Community. Activities: Networking - Workshops in Business and Personal Growth - Wisdom Sharing - Dance, Meditations, Embodiment Practices ... and Lots of Laughter and Hugs. WORKSHOPS INCLUDE: Opening Ceremony — Red Thread Ritual with Shiloh Sophia — Artist, ... Full Listing.
Sat, Jan 28
United We Rise: Flood the Banks

Standing Rock - Oceti Sakowin Camp - Worldwide - LIVE STREAM • Cannon Ball, ND
Thank you for your commitment to our collective future. Standing Rock is still standing strong through freezing temperatures, bravely holding the prayer for our water, our earth and our children's future - And they need your help. You are invited to join a global synchronized prayer action on January 28th to carry the prayer from standing rock to banks worldwide. When the ice melts, the river ... Full Listing.
Sun, Jan 29
Temple Woman

The Rudramandir Center • Berkeley, CA
What would you do if the world honored you fully as the dynamic spiritual woman you are? Your time has come! Temple Woman is here and we rise to the occasion! Temple Woman is a JOYFUL heart-centered “ATTUNE UP” and a spiritual celebration of your soul! This one day and or two day spiritual gathering is in the heart of Berkeley CA at The Rudramandir Center main hall. Temple Woman lives within each ... Full Listing.
Sun, Jan 29
Mariah Parker - Indo Latin Jazz

Don Quixote's International Music Hall • Felton, CA
Join Mariah and her band for a musical feast – the driving rhythmic syncopations of Latin jazz, the uplifting spirit of Eastern music and the soul of flamenco. Featuring Grammy award-winner Paul McCandless (horns and reeds), Matthew Montfort (guitar), Kash Killion (bass, cello), and percussionists Ian Dogole, Brian Rice and Michaelle Goerlitz. Mariah and her band “fuse Latin rhythms with ... Full Listing.
Sun, Jan 29
George Lakoff

VINTAGE HOUSE • East, Sonoma, CA
Praxis Peace Institute Presents: George Lakoff, one America’s best-known cognitive scientists, has been a Professor of Linguistics at UC Berkeley since 1972 . He has taught at Harvard University, the University of Michigan, and was a fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University. Lakoff will speak about the election and what happened with the Democratic ... Full Listing.
Sun, Jan 29
Monthly Sevillanas Class

Footloose Dance Center • Rohnert Park, CA
This style of dance is performed at fiestas of all kinds throughout Spain, but especially during the feria, when women wear the Traje Gitanas, the colourful polka-dot dresses that add a swirling character and grace to the dance.
Sun, Jan 29
Jennifer Berezan Concert/Benefit

Northbrae Community Church • Berkeley, CA
Join these amazing Spirit Rock Teachers, Joanna Macy and Debra Chamberlin-Taylor with Singers Jennifer Berezan and Melanie DeMore as they offer "Voices for our Future", a benefit concert/meditation to raise scholarship money for a May 2017 Retreat to train women leaders and activists. The scholarships will help ensure that young women and women of color have access to the event. Doors Open at 5pm ... Full Listing.
Tue, Jan 31
Women Who Rose

Sunrise Center • Corte Madera, CA
Glorious Celebration of the Birth of the Divine Feminine. Now more than ever we need to see you as the “Woman who Rose” (Women in bloom). Women who have the courage to know themselves as Divine. The Sacred Divine Feminine brings a unique and sorely missing piece in our culture. Knighting Ceremony will be held by Michael and Diana Melchizedek. Astrologer and author, Karen La Puma prepares us for ... Full Listing.
Tue, Jan 31
Making Mid-Life Magic

Free Online Telesummit •
Join 20 TOP experts on happiness, success and women’s wellness for a FREE virtual series created to help YOU feel excited, inspired and ready to embrace your future! Maybe you’ve been feeling some anxiety about getting older. Having some new health issues? Not sure who you are or what to do in your next phase of life? YOU ARE NOT ALONE. If you’ve waited long enough and are ready to be healthy, ... Full Listing.
Feb 2-4
Sister Giant 2017

Crystal Gateway Marriott or LIVESTREAM • Arlington, VA
At the end of 2016, in this time of national and international turmoil, the biggest question so many of us are holding in our hearts is: “Where do we go now?” The purpose of this event is to create an opportunity for us to bring the worlds of spirituality and conscious values into fruitful dialogue with the worlds of politics and citizenship. You can participate LIVE in person or via livestream ... Full Listing.