Apr 26-29
3rd Village Building Convergence

Sebastopol Grange • Sebastopol, CA
An experience and celebration of deep community. Join the Village Building Convergence 2017 as they remove the false lines that divide us, and welcome each other as neighbors of this precious watershed, of this bountiful bioregion. We are all in each other's backyard and there is no doubt that we are all in this together! Lets take another step tighter toward learning how. NIMBY (not in my back ... Full Listing.
Apr 26-May 3
Enneagram of Virtues w Russ Hudson

Free Online Teleseminar- Replay Available •
A Free Virtual Event Featuring Renowned Enneagram Teacher Russ Hudson! Access the Higher Aspects of Your Enneagram Type While Connecting With Your Depths to Create a Life of Greater Wholeness, Wisdom and Awakening. Do feel you’ve only scratched the surface of understanding the Enneagram? Are you drawn to take your Enneagram work deeper, sensing there is much more transformation to experience? The ... Full Listing.
Apr 26-May 3
Shamanic Dreaming w Robert Moss

Free Online Teleseminar- Replay Available •
A Free Virtual Event With Shamanic Dream Teacher Robert Moss! Discover ancient indigenous practices from around the world to access guidance, healing, awakening — and even experience time travel — through your dreams. During this free mini-workshop, you’ll learn: * How to recognize the secret wishes of the soul, as revealed in your dreams * That you’re already a time traveler in your dreams, ... Full Listing.
Apr 26-May 2
Past Life Exploration

Free Online Teleseminar- Replay Available •
A Free Virtual Event With Renowned Author, Psychologist & Regression Therapist Dr. Linda Backman. Receive Fascinating Insights on the Higher Design of Your Life and The Unique Journey of Your Soul Through Past Life Discoveries... Including How Your Life Is Planned Before You’re Born and What Happens After You Die. In this fascinating hour, you’ll: * Receive a “map” of the afterlife to help ... Full Listing.
Apr 26-May 9
Full Vitality with Energy Medicine

Free Online Teleseminar- Replay Available •
A Free Virtual Event Featuring Energy Medicine Pioneers Donna Eden & David Feinstein, PhD. Are You Ready to Take Your Health Into Your Own Hands and Feel Happier, Healthier and More Alive... in Just Minutes a Day? Discover Simple Ways to Revitalize Your Entire Being by Opening to the Natural Flow of Your Life Force. Join author and energy medicine expert Donna Eden and her husband, David ... Full Listing.
Apr 26-May 17
Rebirth of Oracle Priestessing

Online, CA
~ Longing to connect to the Divine Feminine to access guidance? ~ Curious about the oracles of the past & how they’re reemerging to assist us? ~ Want to know how to cultivate this vital priestess practice in service to humanity? Join Marguerite for her FREE GLOBAL TELECALL: The Rebirth of Oracle Priestessing Today TWO LIVE CALLS: Wed April 26, 2017 & Wed May 17, 2017 10–11:30 am Pacific; 1 ... Full Listing.
Thu, Apr 27
Sonoma County Healers Network

Guerneville Center for Sacred Studies • Guerneville, CA
The Sonoma County Healers Network's goal is to unite all the healers in Sonoma County.  By providing a venue for the healers to come together, meet and form relationships we can help break down the silos we are all operating in.  We can cross pollinate ideas, share resources and skills, identify hidden talents and innovate. When we band together and support each other we can become a powerful ... Full Listing.
Thu, Apr 27

Finley Community Center, Maple Room • Santa Rosa, CA
Weaving A New World Into Existence The next three months will bring us a period of rejuvenation and renewal which will accelerate the soul’s embodiment process. With this acceleration, personal growth and spiritual development will rapidly increase. We will begin to move beyond confusion and into the light of clarity. At the same time, our energy fields are now naturally expanding and linking ... Full Listing.
Apr 27-30
Femprovisor Fest '17

The Exit Theater • San Francisco, CA
Femprovisor Fest. The bitchin'-est improv fest in the SF Bay. By women. For anyone who likes women. April 27th-30th at EXIT Theater in downtown San Francisco. Enjoy workshops and shows at this all-lady fest. Featured performers include Tara DeFrancisco (Chicago's IO/Second City), Laura Hall of TV's Whose Line Is It Anyway? and Shulie Cowen (LA's Opening Night: The Improvised Musical.) Femprovisor ... Full Listing.
Thu, Apr 27
Roswell & Galactic Messages

Roswell, Disclosure & Galactic Messages featuring Paola Harris Thursday April 27th, 2017 @ 3:00 PM PST LIVE FROM ROSWELL ~ 70 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Portal To Ascension will be broadcasting LIVE from Roswell Museum with Paola Harris. Experience a tour of the museum, followed by a talk by Paola Harris and special guest interview. In this workshop, students will be introduced to the main Ms. Harris ... Full Listing.
Thu, Apr 27
Kundalini Yoga w/ Jai Gopal Kaur

The Temple on Pleasant Hill • Sebastopol, CA
Described as the "yoga of awareness," Kundalini Yoga combines exercises that focus on building strength and increasing flexibility along with powerful breathing techniques, mantras and meditations. Previous yoga experience is not needed and results are felt immediately. Kundalini Yoga is helpful for the muscles, spine, nerves, glands, and organs, promoting positive body chemistry, reducing stress ... Full Listing.
Fri, Apr 28
Rabbi Cousens, MD in Petaluma!

The United Methodist Church Of Petaluma • Petaluma, CA
SHAMANIC KABBALAT SHABBAT & RAW-VEGANIC DINNER WITH RABBI GABRIEL COUSENS, MD! REGISTRATION REQUIRED AT: www.April28Shabbat.BPT.me Join Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD, author of, TORAH AS A GUIDE TO ENLIGHTENMENT, in ushering in the Shabbos Queen. Shabbat is a special time for spiritual reflection and renewal, and the Shamanic Kabbalat Shabbat is an ancient mystical Ceremony to initiate and invoke ... Full Listing.
Apr 28-30
Ancestral Healing Workshop

Rudramandir A Center for Spirituality and Healing • Berkeley, CA
ANCESTRAL HEALING WORKSHOP with Maya Alexander $375 REGISTER and reserve space contact e- mail: anayyahagape108@gmail.com A 3 Day Workshop with MAYA ALEXANDER At Rudramandir 830 Bancroft Way Berkeley,CA 94710 April 28Th, 29Th,30Th 9AM-6PM At conception you inherit and receive matched and paired recessive genes from your two bloodlines, from your mother and father. These genes hold memories, ... Full Listing.
Fri, Apr 28
The Power of Self-Healing

Songbird Community Healing Center • Cotati, CA
Awakening the Power of Self-Healing with Meir Schneider, PhD, LMT Explore the principles and techniques of Meir Schneider’s empowering Self-Healing Method. Take charge of your health. Unlock the body’s ability to heal itself. Meir Schneider will have copies of his new book available for signing. The first book from the Self-Healing Press, Awakening the Power of Self-Healing will reveal to you how ... Full Listing.
Apr 28-30
Incan Sun Messenger in Guerneville

Incan Sun Messenger in Guerneville, California! • Guerneville, CA
Spiritual Sun Messenger, Willaru Huayta comes to the Center for Sacred Studies in Guerneville, California the last weekend in April to share of his wisdom and sacred teachings for the times we live. We are entering a new era. It is time for a new way. We cannot expect society to change until we change ourselves from within.~Willaru Huayta Willaru is a messenger for the Great White Brotherhood, ... Full Listing.
Fri, Apr 28
Jaya Lakshmi & Ananda

Open Secret Bookstore • San Rafael, CA
Join devotional music duo Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda with the Saraswati Dream Band on their Spring 2017 Tour for a sacred music experience that initiates deep healing and opens the heart to divine joy! Jaya Lakshmi began leading kirtan and writing her own devotional songs in the early 1990′s shortly after receiving harinam initiation from Srila Govinda Maharaj, a great Vaisnava saint from West ... Full Listing.
Sat, Apr 29
Women, Money, Spirit

California Institute of Integral Studies • San Francisco, CA
This daylong conference brings together leaders in psychology, social justice, religion, and finance to explore money from the perspective of spirit. Examine your relationship with money, and the multiple roles money plays in our lives, culture, and communities. Gender, race, class, and our personal and societal values all directly impact this relationship. Women are trailblazers bringing the ... Full Listing.
Apr 29-30
Metis Gathering: Awakenings

Earthrise Retreat Center • Petaluma, CA
Each spring we are gifted with infinite teachings – the unfolding of the universe through the simple seed. Discover your courageous strength and softness. Release hidden fears, increase vitality and deepen your creativity through a journey of self-discovery designed to - Release fear - Expand breath and body awareness - Identify addictive patterns - Support self-care - Featuring Mindful Movement ... Full Listing.
Apr 29-30
Healing Shame in Couples

Rudramandir Center • Berkeley, CA
Healing Shame in Couples – A workshop for therapists and other helping professionals with Sheila Rubin, LMFT, RDT/BCT & Bret Lyon, PhD, SEP, BCC Saturday, April 29, 10:00am - 6:00pm & Sunday, April 30, 10:30am - 5:00pm In Berkeley, just off I-80 $325 ($295 with full payment by March 24) Special rate for interns. Partners welcome! Contact us to find out about couples discount. 13 CEUs for ... Full Listing.
Sat, Apr 29
El pueblo Unido: People's March

Dollar Tree parking lot • SANTA ROSA, CA
A united front to defend immigrants and Indigenous peoples rights, public lands, environmental and workplace protections, including government action on climate change and workers' rights to unionize. The March will provide an inclusive forum for the community to vocally oppose the alarming threats posed to marginalized populations in America including the LGBTQ community, women, immigrants, and ... Full Listing.
Sat, Apr 29
Jaya Lakshmi & Ananda

Subud Sonoma • Sebastopol, CA
Join devotional music duo Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda with the Saraswati Dream Band on their Spring 2017 Tour for a sacred music experience that initiates deep healing and opens the heart to divine joy! Jaya Lakshmi began leading kirtan and writing her own devotional songs in the early 1990′s shortly after receiving harinam initiation from Srila Govinda Maharaj, a great Vaisnava saint from West ... Full Listing.
Sat, Apr 29
Intro to Dowsing w/Heidi Irgens

Gathering Thyme • San Rafael, CA
Learn How to Dowse and Use Dowsing in Your Daily Life with Heidi Irgens Saturday, April 29th from 1-4pm Dowsing is intuition in motion: like a readout device of your intuition. It’s an ancient art practiced throughout the world, by communicating with the Universe with the use of mind, body and tools. In this class we will use pendulums and L-rods to get answers to questions beyond our ... Full Listing.
Apr 29-May 7
2017 Food Revolution Summit

Free Online Teleseminar •
This is urgent. Pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, GMOs, and toxic, untested chemicals are spreading like a virus through our food supply. Your health and the health of your family and friends, as well as our planet, is at risk! Now, it’s more important than ever to find out the truth. Discover what these experts know about how you can prevent and reverse heart disease, cancer, diabetes, fatigue, ... Full Listing.
Apr 29-30
Himalayan Singing Bowl Workshop

Hatha Yoga Shala East Bay • Berkeley, CA
This workshop experience is a wonderful awakening into the therapeutic and meditative power of the bronze bowls of Nepal. Geoffrey Torkington brings in a perfect blend of meditation, experience in holding sacred space and a unique approach to working with high quality and harmonically rich instruments. While the included sound bath and Sunday water ceremony is a pure joy and gives a deep sense ... Full Listing.