Aug 27-29

Green Gulch Farm Zen Retreat Center • Muir Beach, CA
Join us for this 3-day deep dive retreat at a Muir Beach Zen Center to explore how we perceive political actions, the art of deep listening, and how to lead by greater wisdom through more effective communication, conscious reactions and decisions. Aligning our thoughts and actions with the pulse of nature is not only healthy, but has the potential to be incredibly enjoyable. When the Indian sage ... Full Listing.
Sep 1-4
Twin Oaks Communities Conference

Twin Oaks Community • Louisa, VA
The Twin Oaks Communities Conference is a chance for people interested or involved in intentional communities, cooperatives, and community based projects and organizations to share ideas, network, and enjoy a weekend together. There are formal workshops, open space, as well as many informal opportunities to cross-pollinate with other community-minded folks. Held Labor Day Weekend, Sept 1 - 4, ... Full Listing.
Sep 2-4
Conference on Indigenous Wisdom

Santa Sabina Center • San Rafael, CA
Protecting Earth, Water, Air, and Light. Honoring the Wisdom of our Ancestors for Future Generations. International Conference on Indigenous and Ancestral Wisdom, Healing and Transformation: 33rd Annual International Conference. Presenters include: Delia Chilgren, Meg Beeler, Sarah Dole, Lyla June Johnston, PJ Hirabayashi, Saheen Littlefeather, Jana Din, Flordemayo and many more. Labor Day ... Full Listing.
Sat, Sep 9
Cleansing Oil & Toners

Gathering Thyme • San Rafael, CA
Cleansing Oils & Toners with Alice Encinas-Duvernell, Natural Cosmetic Designer & Consultant This class is an introduction to alternative ways of deeply cleansing the skin with oil formulas and hydro-based cleansers. This ancient, greatly prized, but forgotten method is an excellent substitute to replace overly abrasive and soap-based facial cleansers. These modern methods of cleansing the ... Full Listing.
Sun, Sep 10
Botanical Extracts for Skincare

Gathering Thyme • San Rafael, CA
Botanical Extracts and Preservation with Alice Encinas-Duvernell, Natural Cosmetic Designer & Consultant Sunday, September 10th from 1-5pm In this demo and hands on class, students will learn the mathematical ratios to make quality botanical extractions in alcohol, glycerin and oil. The goal of this class is to enable students to work from the raw materials through to the finished product. ... Full Listing.
Oct 1-12
The Sustainable Living Tour

Southern California •
The Sustainable Living Tour is a 12 day retreat that visits leading eco-education centers throughout Southern California. This journey is a potent life transition for 30 aspiring changemakers to explore the earth together on a 1980s hot pink biofuel and solar powered bus. You will be supported through collective healing work and empowerment to step into your true potential and use your gifts for ... Full Listing.
Tue, Nov 7
Healing Power of Bone Broth

Gathering Thyme • San Rafael, CA
The Healing Power of Bone Broth with Sushama Gokhale Tuesday, November 7th from 7-9pm Bone broth has long been prized by traditional cultures for it's remarkable healing ability and there is good science behind this. This session will focus on the healing power of bone broths, to prevent and treat illness from arthritis to cancer and you will sample some home-made bone broths. Sushama will offer ... Full Listing.
Sat, Dec 9
Mugwort Plant Journey Class

Gathering Thyme • SAn Rafael, CA
Falll Plant Journeying Series... Enchanting Allies with Judy Lieblein Saturdays from 1-3pm This Fall, we are working with plants that enchant us to open our hearts and bodies deeper. Deeper to ourselves and the world in which we live in. Opening pathways and gateways that lead us to the truth of who we are. Showing us pieces that lay behind the veil of our waking consciousness Gifts and insights ... Full Listing.
Jan 12-Aug 17
Wild Feminine Retreat Guatemala

Isla Verde • Santa Cruz La Laguna, Guatemala
This 6 day Wild Feminine Retreat at the beautiful Isla Verde Eco-Resort on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala will blend spiritual practices, wholistic design tools and awakening experiences in which the body-mind-soul is presented with the opportunity to re-discover the forgotten territories that live within. We will practice different Yoga traditions, asana practice and rituals. We will Dance ... Full Listing.