Jul 1-7
Rainbow Gathering

Oregon •
Rainbow Gatherings are temporary intentional communities held annually in publicly owned National Forests across US & Mexico. The Gathering is about supporting and practicing the ideals of peace, love, respect, harmony, freedom and community, as a consciously expressed alternative to mainstream popular culture, consumerism, capitalism, and mass media. Many of their traditions are based on ... Full Listing.
Jul 27-30
7th Annual Guitarfish Music Fest

Cisco Grove Campground • Cisco Grove, CA
Guitarfish is an intimate camping and music experience in a magical setting; over a mile high, in the woods, on the South Fork of the Yuba River, at the Cisco Grove Campground. Known for a funk-tastic, groove-fueled musical lineup, the experience includes an action-packed kidsville and family camp, swimming holes a short stroll from the stages, access to world class mountain & road biking ... Full Listing.
Tue, Aug 1
Healing Fats & Cholesterol

Gathering Thyme • San Rafael, CA
Healing Fats and Cholesterol... and How to Make Ghee with Sushama Gokhale Tuesday, August 1st from 7-9pm Sushama will demonstrate how easy it is to make your own ghee and this session will focus on healing fats and cholesterol. Fats are a contentious topic. People connote fats with fatness or even worse, obesity. Many folks associate fats and cholesterol with heart attacks, clogged arteries, liver ... Full Listing.
Tue, Oct 3
Building Immunity with Susuhama

Gathering Thyme • San Rafael, CA
Building Immunity Against Colds and Flus with a Master Tonic with Sushama Gokhale Tuesday, October 3rd from 6:30 to 9:30pm In this class you will make and go home with a mineral rich Master Tonic which will light up your favorite foods, build immunity, zap pathogens, halt cancers, warts and cherry angiomas, lure good bacteria into your body and get more omega 3s into your diet. This session will ... Full Listing.
Tue, Oct 17
Tree Medicine & Food with Autumn

Gathering Thyme • San Rafael, CA
Tree Medicine and Food -- Acorns and Bay Nuts with Autumn Summers, Ethnobotanist & Herbal Educator Tuesday, October 17th from 7-9pm Come learn how to identify, harvest and use our local oaks and bay trees including making yummy acorn “hummus" and Bay Nut Buzzy Balls. Class includes hands on demonstrations and tastings. There is a bounty of local wild edibles and medicinals if you know what to ... Full Listing.
Tue, Nov 14
Food Inflammation/Chronic Diseases

Gathering Thyme • San Rafael, CA
Food, Inflammation & Chronic Diseases with Sushama Gokhale Tuesday, November 14th from 7-9pm This session will focus on foods that inflame vs. foods that heal. Research is finding that inflammation is at the root of all chronic disease and this is mediated and ameliorated with food. In fact, food is the only antidote to ‘chronic’ dis-ease. This will be an informative and interactive class and ... Full Listing.